Inspection Perfection Inc.


Inspection Support

To ensure loan institutions have the progress equity as a basis for draw payments

To support builders with timely progress reports as a basis for their draw request



Commercial Inspections

Land Development

Large and small Commercial

Building Sites

Retail Strip Centers

Office Buildings


Car Lot Inventory

Quick Service

To provide timely inspections and report to our clientele

To continue serving the real estate community for years to come



Texas Service Areas

Metro​ ​Areas​ ​of​ ​Houston

Austin / ​Dallas

​San​ ​Antonio /​ Midland

​Corpus​ ​Christi​

Everything in​ ​between.​ ​​

Residential Inspections

Clear Lot Inspections

Collateral Inspections

Draw or Progress inspections

Remodels to Renovations


Expansive Service Areas

California / Colorado

Florida / Louisiana

Mississippi / New Jersey

Oklahoma.​ ​

Any location is available by request.

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